124 vs 147 grain 9mm ballistics

The subcompact MC1sc was a big hit, and now the company has released the MC2c that is a little bigger in size and magazine capacity. Like the MC1sc, the MC2c has a polymer frame and a striker-fire mechanism.

The barrel is 3.

124 vs 147 grain 9mm ballistics

The double-stack magazines hold 13 and 15 rounds of ammunition. The rounder is extended, whereas the rounder fits flush with the bottom of the grip frame. The bodies are metal and finished in black, and they have witness holes and round counts stamped into them.

The followers are polymer, and the polymer bases are removable. It uses only the proprietary magazines. All models of the MC2c have stainless-steel slides and barrels.

DLC is a nitride-type finish, and it creates a hard protective coating while enhancing lubricity slickness. It reportedly does have some of the properties of diamonds. My MC2c is the all-black version with no crossbolt safety, and it is 7. Surprisingly, the MC2c is quite thin for a high-capacity pistol. The slide is just 0. The grip circumference at that place is 5.

According to my digital scale, with an empty round magazine inserted into the grip frame, the MC2c weighs Compared to the Glock 48, the MC2c is smaller in every dimension and holds three more rounds. It measures 0. Flat triggers are said to aid in squeezing the trigger straight back, which in turn should help keep the sights on target during the trigger pull, making repeat shots more precise. The sights on my MC2c are steel.

I like this feature because when acquiring the sight picture, the front dot appears quickly, and draws my eyes to it. I would do better if the rear sight was all black or if it had a white-outline notch instead of the two white dots because I have never been able to shoot pistols with two-white-dots-type rear sights very well.

They are designed to provide a secure purchase.Production has since ramped up and with some shopping, all three pistols can be readily found available. However, finding 9mm ammo might be difficult! Stay safe. Everyone at the Shot Show in January had to stop by and see the new Sig P Micro-compact pistol; it was the talk of the show. It certainly looked and felt good, and it held more bullets than its rival competitors, but looks are sometimes deceiving. The true test is when you put a product side by side with its competitors and see how they stack up.

The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. These measurements were made with the shortest, non-extended magazines that are offered for each gun.

These numbers pretty much deal with how well these little guns are going to carry on a day to day basis. The Sig is small when compared to the length on both the other guns and solidly stands with them in the weight, width and height numbers — they gave up little to the competition in basic design. All these guns have a different feel when in the hand and shooting, and after all how well you shoot a gun is usually about how naturally it fits you.

The Sig, while being very short in height overall has the longest front strap on the grip, allowing the shooter to get a better handle on the gun. It also has the smallest front to back measurement of the grips, resulting in the smallest circumference, making the gun fit well in smaller hands. The well stippled little grip is easy to get a hold of and hang on to while shooting. The distance of the reach from the back strap to the trigger is relatively equal for all 3 guns.

However, the pull weight to break the trigger on the P came in about a pound less than either of the two other guns and had very little over travel. Would this difference be noticeable under stress in a hostile encounter — maybe, maybe not?

The P did have the shortest sight radius as expected since it had the shortest overall length. The lighter trigger and good sights seemed to help those groups along. After a little time warming up all 3 guns with some ball ammunition to get acquainted it was time to calm down and shoot some groups. Accuracy testing was shot at 25 feet with the three guns; using five types of ammunition and firing three five shot groups for each. A couple hours on the range I had 45 targets worth of groups and data to crunch.

Ammunition tested ranged from grains to grains, all defensive type ammunition, as that is what would be most likely to be used in the little guns. All three guns shot accurately enough to be used in defensive situations, clearly, each gun had some likes and dislikes in the ammunition tested.

The smallest group overall was shot by the Glock 43 with the Federal ammunition. Unfortunately this combination, Glock 43 and Federal JHP ammunition also had the only malfunctions 2 during all the testing.

This Federal ammunition has a very large hollow point and experienced two failures to feed with the Glock- always thoroughly check your carry ammo for operation in your gun. When it was all totaled out, even with its short sight radius, the diminutively sized P ended up with the smallest groups sizes.

Was this due to the lighter trigger, the longer grip length, the excellent XRAY3 sights, a tighter fit barrel lockup, or a combination of all those factors combined? When comparing the sights on the three test guns the P is the definite winner.

The front sight dot shows up well, day or night, as advertised. The rear sight is also well executed; the outside corners are rounded to prevent snagging and digging into your flesh when carrying concealed.

The tritium dots, front, and rear show up well in low light and allow easily getting hits on target.

Mossberg MC2c Review

The dots are much easier to see than the target in the darkness. The P is the only one of the test guns that comes with front and rear cocking serrations, the others just having the rear. Racking the slide on smaller 9mm guns can sometimes be a challenge due to having little to hang on too while having to overcome the short stiff recoil springs. The Sig is also the only one of the three that has an accessory rail that will be able to accommodate the lights and lasers that will be coming shortly.

It appears they have set some new standards to be reached by others.Updated November 11, This review covers 17 silencers. Ten are and seven are in Two weapons were tested in and the Remington LTR was tested in Test was conducted October 30, Click HERE!

Testing included reference AND ear testing. Click HERE. Baby 5. This shootout style review was completed on July 17, using four 5. The baby 7. These tests include both reference location and at the ear testing. This shootout was conducted on the Glock 19 with two types of subsonic 9mm ammunition. Two sound meters were used to show each gunshot with two different location readings. This review is free for anyone who has a free account at this site.

This tells you what the dB ratings are at the EAR and the regular location.

9mm Micro Shootout – Sig P365 vs. Glock 43 vs. S&W Shield

The metering was done using one shot and two numbers!!! This test included Mil Spec at the ear testing of both weapons.

Don't miss this review!!! Are Dirty 9MM silencers louder? This study is a culmination of over 2.

The results are finally in. Don't miss it! On August 15, we did a shootout with TEN 9mm silencers. Ti-Rant 9MM. A new standard of sound reduction in 45ACP technology has arrived! Premium members click the picture! Thirty three silencers were tested in a single days time on January 31, This is the most comprehensive review ever done on this site.

In some cases as many as six different host weapons were tested. The review includes videos of how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble those silencers that come apart for cleaning. This review requires the premium subscription to view.Nikki Reed shares the secret to her marriage in a sweet birthday post to her husbandMandy Moore reveals behind-the-scenes secrets and a code word.

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124 vs 147 grain 9mm ballistics

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124 vs 147 grain 9mm ballistics

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