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Try Out the Latest Microsoft Technology. My contributions. A script to monitor servers, Ping Test, with email notification The Script runs against a list of Servers and notifies the user if the servers are down.

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Note that this determines the packet rate by IP, not by AutoPing entry, so if you enter the same IP in different AutoPing entries, it won't be flooded. Ping timeout to reboot seconds The reboot action is performed if no responses have been received from any of the IPs for this amount of time if the entry is enabled, see below. Ping responses to enable autoping pings How many pings should be successful before enabling the AutoPing entry allowing the reboot action to be triggered.

This setting prevents enabling AutoPing on an unreliable network and rebooting equipment unnecessarily. Times to attempt reboot consecutively attempts or 0 for no limit Number of times to attempt power cycling before giving up and disabling the AutoPing entry leaving the outlets alone.

Total Times to attempt reboot attempts or 0 for no limit Number of total times to attempt power cycling before giving up and disabling the AutoPing entry leaving the outlets alone. The difference here is that even if the autoping gets reestablished, which resets the consecutive counter, the total count will accumulate. Reenabling autoping after this failure will start the total count over.

Device reboot delay seconds Length of time after a power cycle before checking for a response from the device. This allows a device or computer time to completely boot up. During this time interval, no pings are sent to the device. Consider the setup and AutoPing action when enabling this option e.

Activate enabled entries without trial on service restoration By default enabled entries still need to wait for a certain number of successful ping responses on initial power-up before AutoPing actions are taken to make sure the targets have come online as well in the assumption that they might have suffered a power failure as well and may need time to recover.

This option can be used to disable this additional check.

A script to monitor servers, Ping Test, with email notification

Visual indicators of state. No checkmark - autoping is not enabled. Red border indicates that the controller is awaiting a ping response. Yellow background indicates that the target is undergoing testing before autoping is enabled. You can stop all autopings by unchecking the "Enable AutoPing" checkbox and pressing Apply. You can use a user-defined script. For example:.

The requirement for several successful sequential pings before startup applies. You might include this or a similar function and set it to be called at power-up. AutoPing targets don't have to be IP addresses. If you enter a hostname, it will be resolved before sending each request. If the name resolution fails, it is assumed to be a local error and, as described above, no action is taken.

If a name is resolved to multiple IP addresses, a random one is chosen. A variety of other ping target kinds can be used if you specify a URL instead of simply an IP address or hostname.

Supported URL schemes include: - icmp This is the explicit specification of the "regular" ping protocol, e.Best free Ping sites list : Ping submission sites help you in faster indexing of your blog posts and reach them to the major search engines. At times you may find that few of the URLs of your blog are not getting indexed or taking too much time for that.

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How to Ping a Website

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I am working on setting up a LAN ping test using a batch file. The code i have works great for websites but it acts strange for local IPs. I am running the ping test on 3 computers that i know the IPs of. It never equals to 1 like it does on a website. How can i resolve this?

When you ping an non accesible address in your subnet, you get an "unreachable" answer, with 1 packet sent, 1 packed received, 0 packets lost. Errorlevel is not set.

auto ping website

When you ping an non accesible address out of your subnet, you get a "timeout" answer, with 1 packet sent, 0 packet received, 1 packet lost. Errorlevel is set. Note that the command after will only be executed if an error level is set by the ping.

While I cannot replicate your issue, I do have a few recommendations for your script. See my comment for questions regarding the issue.

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auto ping website

Is DHCP on? If so, I would recommend using the computer name rather than their IP address. Testing with dynamics, my scheduled one that will be running will be on statics. I wanted to use the IPs in case there is an issue with name resolution at any point in time. Active Oldest Votes. See my comment for questions regarding the issue When creating variables encapsulate the scope.Sign up for a Site24x7 Free Account to monitor up to 5 websites for free continuously and be alerted when it goes down!

WebServer Name. Close x. North America. South America. Add Locations. Ping Now. Last 10 Test Results. Test Done. Test Result Link. Ping from multiple locations. New Test. Result URL :. Check Website Availability. Ping Website. DNS Analysis. Find IP. Find Location.

Connect Time taken to setup the between connection Site24x7 and website. First Byte The time spent waiting for the web server to send data. Last Byte The time at which the entire content of the file is downloaded. Handshake Time The time taken to complete the handshake.

Check website availability. Unable to check. Please try again later! Domain Blacklist check Results:. IP Blacklist check Results:. Blacklists IP Address.To use Auto-Ping, first add an IP address. Next, link that IP address to one or more outlets. Timing settings should be considered.

You can use a user-defined script. For example:. The requirement for 10 successful sequential pings before startup applies. Auto-Ping works by cycling power when a device becomes unresponsive to IP pings. Autoping was first developed by Digital Loggers for Novell in Thirty years later, a refined version is included in all our power switches. Adding an IP Address to Auto-Ping After entering the IP address, the settings page will refresh and you can select the outlets associated with this address.

Use the checkboxes in the Auto-Ping section to correlate the IP address to one or more outlets. If communications to the IP address is lost, these outlets will be rebooted. Four timing settings control Auto-Ping operation: Time between pings This is the time between each "ping" check of the IP address. The power switch waits this amount of time for a valid ICMP response. Ping failures before reboot This sets the number of failed communications attempts that must be sequentially detected before a system is rebooted.

auto ping website

For example, when set to 5, the target system must fail to respond 5 times in a row before it is rebooted. Since occasional network overloads and missed packets can occur during normal network operation, a number between 5 and 10 pings is recommended.

Times to Attempt Reboot If you have an unreliable target device, limit the number of times it will be rebooted by entering that value here. For example, entering 5 will reboot your server up to 5 times before giving up. Device Reboot Delay After rebooting a device with a cold-boot power-off, a waiting period should occur before the IP address is re-checked by AutoPing.