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Brown Stadium in Battle CreekMichiganhome. The franchise had previously been located in MadisonWisconsinin where they were called the Madison Hatters. Prior to that the team was located in SpringfieldIllinoisand was known as the Springfield Cardinals. Upon moving to Battle Creek the team initially sought the name Battle Creek Golden Kazoos to help create a regional tie-in with the city of KalamazooMichigan, but legal disputes led to the adoption of the Battle Cats moniker.

The team became known as the Battle Creek Yankees beginning with their affiliation with the New York Yankees inand again changed names and affiliations in and became the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays.

Inciting declining attendance, the team moved to MidlandMichigan and became the Great Lakes Loons. By Septemberthe city of Battle Creek had committed to stadium improvements in order to bring the Madison Hatters franchise to their city.

Brown Stadium had been constructed in for amateur baseball, and it was substantially improved prior to obtaining the Midwest League franchise. Louis Cardinalsbut St. Louis switched its Midwest League affiliate to Peoria. The league also reorganized its 14 franchises from two divisions to three and adopted a three-round post-season playoff including first- and second-half winners from each division plus wildcards.

Michigan played in the Eastern Division. Intheir first season, the Battle Cats won the first half division championship with a 36—32 record, while their second half record of 39—31 left them one game behind the Fort Wayne Wizards. Their overall season record of 75—63 was fourth in the league.

In the first round of playoffs they beat Fort Wayne two games to none, and in the second round they defeated the West Michigan Whitecaps two games to one. In the championship round, however, they were swept in three games by the Beloit Snappers. Shortstop Donnie Sadler hit.

Pitcher Carl Pavano went 6—6 with a 3. The team's attendance,was eighth in the team league and a marked improvement over the Madison Hatters' attendance of 69, the year before. The season was less successful, as the Battle Cats finished in fourth place in the five-team division in both the first and second halves, with a 31—38 in the first half and 29—40 in the second half.

The only player from the team who went on to a long major league career was their weak-hitting shortstop, Rafael Betancourt who hit just. In the Battle Cats went 38—31 in the first half, but that was only good for second place, 11 games behind West Michigan. In the second half they dropped to fourth place with a 32—36 record. They nevertheless qualified for the playoffs as a wildcard team, but they lost in the first round to the Lansing Lugnuts two games to one.

Second baseman Jim Chamblee hit. First baseman Shea Hillenbrand hit. Pitcher Chris Reitsma went 4—1 with a 2. In the first half of the season, the Battle Cats went 36—36 and finished in fourth place in the Eastern Division. In the second half, though, they improved to 43—25 and won the division.

Grand Exhibition

For the overall season they finished tied for second place in the standings for the entire league, four games behind the West Michigan Whitecaps.

In the playoffs the Battle Cats lost to West Michigan in the first round, two games to one. Manager Billy Gardner, Jr. Shea Hillenbrand moved to catcher and hit. The Battle Cats finished the first half of the season in second place with a 35—34 record, but went 41—28 in the second half to win the division. In the first round of the playoffs they lost two games to none to Lansing. First baseman Aaron McNeal hit. Second baseman Aaron Miles hit. Pitcher Roy Oswalt went 13—4 with a 4.Meow Medals are a feature implemented in version 9.

Meow Medals are achievements earned by completing certain tasks, such as beating Legend Stages or earning cents during battle. Unearned Meow Medals are displayed as grayed-out question mark tokens, except for secret Meow Medals, which just appear as question marks.

Secret Meow Medals' names and descriptions are displayed as "??? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Clear all Empire of Cats Ch. Clear all Into the Future Ch.

battle cats wikipedia

Defeat Filibuster Obstructa. Clear " Crimson Catastrophe ". Clear " Heaven of Darkness ". Clear " Peerless ". Clear " Wrath of Heaven ". Clear " Sweet Irony ". Clear " Dimension of Despair ". Clear " Red Sky at Morning ". Clear " The Rolling Dead ". Clear " The 2nd Dimension ". Clear " Typhoon Nemo ".Nintendo 3DS June 27, [2]. An improved version of this game was later released on September 17, The Battle Cats is a tower defense game where the player selects a team of cats to fight enemies in multiple settings.

The gameplay involves sending a wide roster of cats out onto a 2D battlefield in order to defend a base equipped with a cannon, which is referred to as the "cat base". The cannon is by default a laser cannon but can be developed in order to obtain different effects that use materials collected from SoL Stories of Legend to build different abilities such as freeze, slow, knockback, barrier breaker, holy blast effective against zombieswater blast which is effective against metal enemies who take one damage per hit even if the cat has high damage.

Only critical hits cats can damage metal enemies harshly. The cats are the protagonists the player deploys throughout the game.

The cats are all unique in their own sense, design, and ability. Many cats may not look like a typical cat or are characters earned in collaboration with other games.

All the cats change their appearance and gain abilities after being upgraded to certain levels. The Battle Cats frequently has events where players can earn cats called collaboration units. The nine basic cats are the first cats available and are the easiest to upgrade. They have a max pay-to-upgrade level of 20 but can be increased with cat capsules.

After upgrading to level 30, the player can evolve the cat into what is called true form. The special cats are the second type of cat unlocked.

They can be unlocked by certain stages, be bought by cat food, the special currency of the game, or just by simply collecting the unit by opening the game at certain times. The Rare to Uber cats can be unlocked with a rare cat capsule, which requires golden or platinum tickets to operate or to be unlocked in special stages. They are relatively expensive to upgrade but are usually stronger than the basic cats not to mention "crazed" cats and "manic" cats, which are immensely buffed versions of the basic cats in the Super Rare Tier, which can be unlocked in special levels.

Fighting in battle requires energy, which slowly regenerates over time. Every one minute, 1 one energy is recovered the energy recovery rate can be sped up with treasures, up to 1 energy every 30 seconds. The app requires an internet connection in order for energy to update. Max energy can be raised with upgrades. The player can bring items into the battle that assist such as "Sniper Cat," a tool that pushes enemies back from the base, and "Cat CPU," a tool that automatically deploys cats as soon as money is available.

The battle takes place on a 2D plane with the players base on the right, and the enemy base on the left. The player gains a steady stream of money, which can be spent to either deploy cats or to upgrade the money production.

Deploying cats requires a cool down, which can be reduced by upgrades.If you have not tried it out yet, you should definitely give it a shot. It is a must-play title for all tower defense fans with a touch of cartoony fun. Welcome to our Battle Cats Wiki, where we go over some essential information and everything that you need to know about the game. Here is a rundown of all the cats that are available in the game. You want to have this guy even though he is a basic unit for the entirety of the game.

You can spam these units, and your enemies will never be able to touch you. You want to max him out as soon as possible in every game. Titan: One of the tankiest units in the game but low on DPS. You want to level it up to a Jamaera cat for the best results.

Valkyrie: Useful in the early chapters but not much in the later stages of the game. Bahamut: One of the hardest hitting units in the game and worth keeping until you have access to better units. Most skills are important in the game, but there are some that are more useful in the game than others. Keep reading our Battle Cats Wiki to find out more about the skills you need first.

battle cats wikipedia

Cat Research: It is one of the most important abilities if you want to make cats faster. This is your highest priority ability.

Cat Research: If you want access to better units, this is the one skill you want to level up. Cat Efficiency: Higher efficiency leads to more currency generation, which in turn lets you get more cats in the fights.

Cat Accounting: If you have this maxed out, you will get a lot of money each time you get a kill. Cat Energy: With more energy at your disposal, you will be able to gain access to use more abilities.

Base Health: This is the least important ability as the enemy reaching your base means certain death, regardless of how high your level is. Keep playing Battle Cats to keep unlocking new levels with a random treasure spawning at the end of each level. If you keep playing you will eventually get access to all the treasures you would need from this brilliant game. We hope you enjoyed our Battle Cats Wiki. What are your favorite units and skills? Let us know in the comments below.The Battle Cats is a fun comic book-like game where your worst fear and suspicion come to life — the cats conquer the world and kill dogs: And you play as them, of course, let's see how many countries you can enslave.

It's basically a defend-your-tower strategy game. Don't forget to take Upgrade button on the bottom left so you'll get their money faster. You have to go all over the world and take every country. In each country, you'll have a mission like collect a specific type of treasure and you can replay the battle if you want to to get more XP. You will need these features to play more effective battles but we noticed that winning here isn't that difficult, at first levels we even didn't make more cats because it was obvious that the amount we've already got was enough to win.

battle cats wikipedia

You'll know that it's a Korean game right away. We mean that if you ever saw a piece of K-POP culture you'll recognize some of its features.

Michigan Battle Cats

This game has simply drawn cats and dogs in black and white, small fonts, minimalistic animation, and neon effects - all you can see in a typical Korean game or a cartoon. And it all depends on whether it's your thing or not. The game has a marching kind of tune that can go from light and cute to somewhat serious. When the battle's going on both sides bite each other with the same barking sounds, so funny and perfect for this game.

It's maybe even too easy to play this game. You just click usually two, sometimes three icons - make a cat, upgrade money making or blast a cannon. But you can't get your eyes off the screen because you have to click those icons at the right time so it can get quite boring.

The Battle Cats - Cat Guide Tour v8.3

From this The Battle Cats Review you already know that it's a defend-your-tower strategy. So if you're a fan of this kind of games for smartphones you'll love this one, especially if you like Korean culture. The Battle Cats is worth downloading and checking out. It's fresh, interesting, and cute.

Battle Cats

It has the guide on how to play and constant hints from the main cat on the screen. It's satisfying to play and to look at. The Battle Cats is cool and funny not your typical battle strategy game. You won't like only if you're a dog lover, sorry, but cats rule the world. Pros : Cute looking graphics and animation; Unique and funny sound; Interesting and challenging gameplay. Cons : It encourages you to relay each level many times; It can get pretty boring at some point. Get a MobPuzzler Premium subscription and unlock exclusive ad-free access to everything we offer.Cat Unit If you bully, a general-purpose cat-type decisive weapon appears range attack Occasionally blows metal enemies and black enemies, releasing waves.

Units Release Order :. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Evolved Form. Contents [ show ].

battle cats wikipedia

Flower Cat. Categories :. Uber Rare Cat. Normal Form. EN Description. A Cat who becomes paralyzed by fear. When bullied, Eva comes to his defense! Cats who can't resist their curious nature. When bullied, Eva comes to their defense! JP Script. A timid cat that can't do anything alone If you bully, a general-purpose cat-type decisive weapon appears range attack Occasionally blows metal enemies and black enemies, releasing waves.

Curious cats who can do nothing on their own If you bully, a general-purpose cat-type decisive weapon appears range attack Occasionally blows metal enemies and black enemies, releasing waves.

Attack Power. Attack Range. Time between attacks. Movement Speed. Attack animation. Recharging Time. Health Lv. Attack Power Lv. Special Cats Purchasable. Capsule Cat [? Cat Bros [?She was added in version 9. Cat Unit Long-range Area attacks Freeze Aliens, might break Barriers. Diva who dances among the cherry blossoms. Area attacks Freeze Aliens, might break Barriers. Units Release Order :.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? For other uses, see Hatsune Miku disambiguation. Evolved Form. Contents [ show ]. Flower Cat. Categories :. Uber Rare Cat. Normal Form. EN Description. Virtual singer loved by the entire Cat Empire!

JP Script. Popular virtual singer from the electronic world makes an appearance! A special diva who announces the coming of Spring Long Distance Attack Freezes the movement of Aliens for a short period of time, occasionally breaks Barriers.

A special diva who delivers the song of Spring cherry blossoms dance Long Distance Attack Freezes the movement of Aliens for a short period of time, occasionally breaks Barriers. Attack Power. Attack Range. Time between attacks. Movement Speed. Attack animation. Recharging Time.