Bushiri mansion

The man of God who is said to be one of the richest pastors in Africa, was surprised by his wife Prophetess Mary with the luxury car as immersive weapons sse download wedding anniversary gift. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Friday, April 17, Advertise Contact Us Privacy Policy.

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bushiri mansion

Toke Makinwa gives marriage advice to man who says he regrets Nigerian producer, Sarz slams MI Abaga after he alleged that he About Contact.By Samantha Hartshorne Sep 30, Entering the double volume entrance area of their Waterfall estate, the sound of water cascading over a fountain into a small pool is morphed by the spiral staircases that curve around the pond.

Dark wood tones dance with recessed lighting and the en-suite bedrooms boast over-sized beds and opulent tones of burgundy and coral. The main bedroom has a dressing area and an outdoor shower. Parking for four cars and access to audio-visuals ensure every need is catered to. Corian tops and sleek, silver hardware reflect the high-end appliances and the adjacent dining area. Behind every prophet is a Prophetess — Prophetess Mary Bushiri is herself a public and spiritual figure.

Her five-bedroom home carries the thread of metallic throughout. Gold and platinum curtaining, marble tiles with a regal look, lush fabrics on ornate seats and filmy taffeta complete the look. With 1 million followers on Facebook and 2 million confirmed church followers, Prophet Bushiri, born in Malawi, is no stranger to SA citizens. The couple have two young daughters and live in a home in Centurion.

They own several more and are busy developing a dream abode on neighbouring Waterfall Equestrian estate. The prophet, well-known for his engaging and protracted sermons some lasting hours has been fasting.

For 90 days he has been going to Rustenburg daily to pray. God will provide and we can just relax. With a convoy of cars and butlers at his side and two Gulfstream jets, Bushiri can easily travel to his eight other churches around the country. The Pretoria showgrounds house his regular sermons Friday and Sundays where hundreds of thousands of congregants gather each week.

They fill up a number of halls, each decked with large screen TVs. And the prophet has taken advantage of this expanded network and the audience numbers by branching into other businesses. His latest project, launched recently, is an ambitious cell-phone network angled at his followers, and they are lapping it up.

The PSB network logged 6 users after just 2 weeks.He is considered as a Prophet and currently he enjoys the war embrace of renowned Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but Prophet Justice Hara did not foresee that his untamed zip will land him in trouble.

According to the reports which Malawi24 has seen, Hara is accused of being in a relationship with a South African woman, Lebo Nemasiwana. The reports have indicated that Hara who has been abandoning his flock to tender to the needs of the South African woman has bought a R6 million mansion for the lady.

At the current exchange rate, the money is about K million. It has also irked a Malawian woman based in South Africa who claims that she has been involved in a relationship with the man of gold who can see the future yet he could not see his downfall just across the corner.

Last yearProphet Hara also made headlines when he was beaten to near death over a not so secret affair he had with a married Church member. What surprises me every time is that, even though they get educated Malawians remain as stupid as ever!

I Gift say jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Musamasewere ndi mwini moyo popanga zinthu kumaona ngati simudzaziwika Mulungu ndi oopsya phada pa may ake ayi. Ine ndie sindimakhulupilila za ameneyi or facebook page yake sindinaipange like ndiye zisandikhudze ine.

K million mansion…. You just wake up with an empty head one morning instead of admitting that you have nothing to write about you target people with names…. In the last days people will persecute and crucify others in the name of Jesus…. I am son of major 1 u people u can talk whatever. Let me telling you this I am working nice here in RSA because of major 1 n since I join ECG everything is going well my friend so keep talking sheet but u will die we thought nothing right now am receiving miracle.

Mr Dyson the way big ur kumatukwana pa media tachitani manyazi ur not God t judge and b tolkng of paradise wait and see who shar enter th kingdm of God. Major one nde udindo wanji Ku mbali ya ulosi ndi ulaliki if i may ask? Za mawu a Mulungu zomwezi kapena Ku Army? Anthunu mukhale osamalitsa mwanvaa!! Why you easily get carried away?

You are a disgrace. Okondeka tiyeni tilimbike mumnyengoyi chifukwa zokhumudwitsanso nzambiri.He founded and leads a Christian non-denominational evangelical church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

Tens of thousands of people are attracted to the church every day. Bushiri also runs a global investment company, Shepherd Bushiri Investments, based in Sandton near Johannesburgwith interests in mining, real estate, an airline and other entrepreneurial enterprises.

Shepherd Bushiri grew up in Mzuzuwhich is in the northern part of Malawi. In Augusthe was invited as a guest of honor at South Africa's National Day of Inter-faith prayer held at the Emirates Airline Stadium in Johannesburg, during which he offered prayers of reconciliation and unity. In SeptemberBushiri's spokesperson and communications director, Ephraim Nyondo, refuted the allegations.

Shepherd Bushiri is now known as one of the wealthiest pastors in the world and one of the most affluent people in Africa. The Enlightened Christian Gathering is reported as one of the fastest growing churches in Africa and the world.

On the night of 28 Decemberthree people died and nine others were injured during a stampede at the ECG Church caused by people trying to avoid a thunderstorm.

Bushiri's services attract over viewers via his personally owned television station, social media and in-person attendees. His church gatherings have not always been well received with the one extreme protest being the destruction of "overflow tents" by arson in February Shepherd Bushiri's company, SB Investments Pty Ltd, is an international investment company, based in Sandton near Johannesburg, with interests in oil, mining, real estate, transportation and the hospitality industry.

Shepherd Bushiri has been involved in many charitable works around the world, including work in Malawi, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa. He provides charitable donations including livelihood support; educational support for orphans; humanitarian relief in the form of food subsidies. In March Bushiri visited Alexandrawhere a fire had burnt over shacks.

According to various reports thousands of people bought the cheap maize at various sites within Malawi. Bushiri has been accused of making unproven claims of "curing HIV.

bushiri mansion

The fees charged to attend some of Bushiri's public dinners have been questioned. Allegedly, during a church service in MarchBushiri announced that he wanted to make members of his church into millionaires.

Those that could not bring cash with them to the church were sent banking details of a company, Rising Estates, the directors of which are Bushiri lieutenants, Willah Mudolo, Duncan Oduor Otieno and Kit Ching Catherine Kum. Almost two years later, the people who gave Bushiri money claim to have not received anything back.

The investment scheme appears to be linked to Palambano Investments as six congregants from Bushiri's church claim they were told that the money they donated would be invested in Zambia in "gold minerals" as part of a Palamabo investment scheme. East London, Eastern Capepolice spokesperson Capt Mluleki Mbi confirmed that a case had been opened against Palambano Investments and its directors in response to a complaint by Nombeko Dwesini, one of Bushiri's congregants.

It is alleged that in Bushiri impregnated a teenage Malawian woman, whom he met in in their home town, Mzimba. It is further claimed that he bribed her with a cheque for 80 Malawian kwacha about R 1 to have an abortion but that the cheque bounced. The woman is now married and the family alleges that they "kept quiet out of fear. Bushiri claims that the cheque was stolen from him and that, on the day the woman claims he made her pregnant, Bushiri was at a police station dealing with an attempted hijacking.

Inthe mother again tried to get maintenance via the courts but was unsuccessful. Family members of the girl claim that Bushiri admits to the allegations in private, despite his public denials and have demanded a paternity test. His lawyer, Terrence Baloyi, did not respond to emails, text messages and calls from City Press seeking comment. Darlington Manyawu, a businessman based in Hong Kong, claims to have sold Bushiri clothing to the value of R but had not received payment for them.

He claims that the clothing was given to Bushiri's spokesman, Maynard Manyowa on 28 June and Bushiri has subsequently been seen wearing the clothes at public church gatherings.

Prophet Bushiri allegedly spends N4.3bn on new mansion (photos)

Ephraim Nyondo, the spokesman for the Elightened Christian Gathering church, did not dispute the claim but stated that the matter did not concern Bushiri as it was between Manyawu and Manyowa.

Bushiri had claimed that the broadcast was "malicious, damaging to his reputation, libelous, contained lies, was unfounded" and did not afford him the right of reply. On 20 February former deputy finance minister of Zimbabwe, Terence Mukupe, accused Bushiri of an adulterous affair with Mukupe's musician wife, Rachel, which resulted in the impregnation of Rachel. He claimed to have WhatsApp evidence of his wife and the preacher arranging to meet for "sex romps in MalawiPretoria and Rustenburg ".

Bushiri responded to the allegations, saying that he had not left South Africa in the past 13 months and therefore could not have met with Rachel Mukupe. He also claimed that he had not used WhatsApp or iMessage for the past 3 years and hence could not have sent her the massages Terence Mukupe claimed to have found.Spirituality and religion is very much an emphasis in Africa.

While several African pastors are living up to the standard expected, many more are also concerned about amassing a lot of riches at the same time, so that if a person's holiness could be measured by their wealth and luxuries, some of these pastors would be considered truly blessed.

One of these wealth amassing minister is Pastor Shepherd Bushiri from Malawi. The pastor often makes headlines for his controversial approach to the gospel and some have accused him of making a profit off other believers.

Regardless of the motives that guides his church, Bushiri is one wealthy man and he is not afraid to show it off. From his social media platforms to the reports about the Malawian man, it is known that wealth exudes from the minister. So, Legit. It comes as no surprise that the prophet has quite the impressive car collection. He owns a very expensive Rolls Royce worth million naira. Some of Prophet Bushiri's cars.

However, the prophet shocked the internet when he bought his six-year-old daughter a Masserati for her birthday. Bushiri bought his daugther, 6, a luxury car for her birthday last year. Photo credit: IOL. Source: Twitter. Although the Bushiri never confirmed the price tag on his home, the photos showed it is likely worth a lot of millions.

Bushiri's mansion. According to reports, Shepherd Bushiri owns three private jets, which he bought forover a period of two years. Source: Legit Nigeria. Hot: Business ideas How to conceive baby boy Mr. Olympia Samsung Galaxy M20 specs. Show Comments.If a person's holiness could be measured by their wealth and luxuries, then Prophet Shepherd Bushiri would be considered truly blessed.

The pastor often makes headlines for his controversial approach to the gospel and some have accused him of making a profit off of others' believes. Regardless of his motives in his church, Bushiri is one wealthy man- and, he is not afraid to show it off. So, Briefly. It comes as no surprise that the prophet has quite the impressive car collection.

Some of Prophet Bushiri's cars. However, the prophet shocked the internet when he bought his six-year-old daughter a Masserati for her birthday. Bushiri bought his daugther, 6, a luxury car for her birthday last year. Photo credit: IOL. Source: Twitter. Although the Bushiri never confirmed the price tag on his home, the photos showed it is likely worth a couple million.

Whether it actually cost over Rm is doubtful. Bushiri's mansion. According to reports, Bushiri owns three private jets, which he bought over a period on two years. Do you have a story to share with us? Inbox us on our Facebook page and we could feature your story. Comedy animation about a new character is now on Briefly Cartoons. Who is he? He is a wealthy man who lives in Africa!

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Source: Briefly. Tags: social media icons news Religion Christianity Latest News.The police's elite crime-fighting unit, the Hawks, is investigating charismatic prophet Shepherd Bushiri for money laundering after members of the church leadership claimed he was sending an estimated Rmillion a month to Malawi, his country of birth.

The money is allegedly transported out of South Africa in Bushiri's private jet and other vehicles. Hawks spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi confirmed they have launched a money laundering probe into the Major One, as Bushiri calls himself, but did not confirm the amounts.

However, it is still in its infancy stage.

Prophet Bushiri allegedly spends N4.3bn on new mansion (photos)

It is against our policy to divulge information on any of our investigations," said Mulaudzi. Bushiri, who runs the charismatic Enlightened Christian Gathering church that has several branches in the country and in other southern African countries, could not be reached for comment yesterday. A Hawks official told Sunday World that Bushiri became a person of interest after witnesses in the church leadership came forward with information.

The official said the church leaders who came forward said the church spirits away about Rmillion every month. It gets cleaned illegally into different businesses. The official said some of the witnesses were allegedly intimidated by Bushiri and his staff when they wanted their agreed payments for giving false testimonies during church services. People are bought to testify, they are bought to act sick and crippled and later give testimony that they were healed by prophet Bushiri," he said.

bushiri mansion

The official said the whistle was blown when these fake-testimony workers started seeing the money that the church was making out of their testimonies and wanted their fair share. The other witness said she demanded R for testifying about Bushiri's prayer that helped her get out of ITC blacklisting. The official said that about people paid for the ITC prayer, according to the witness, and the church made about R4-million on that prayer alone.

The Hawks official said: "How the money goes through the borders without being reported also is being investigated. This man is taking money from the poor. Many witnesses who came forward told us that some even sell their belongings to get money to pay for miracles.

According to another source in the church, Bushiri's five brothers have now opened other branches in Cape Town. One of the branches of the church draws up to congregants to its premises at the Pretoria showgrounds. Would you like to comment on this article or view other readers' comments? Sign in Register. Light Version.

Hawks probe Bushiri as R15m a month leaves SA. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri allegedly makes millions from his church services. Prophet Bushiri just a 'guest speaker' and not responsible for fee to attend conference Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has clarified that he is not responsible for the hefty fee being charged to attend a conference.

His lawyer Bright Rikhotso said he could not comment as he was not aware of the probe. Bushiri stops marchers from using his name Prophet Shepherd Bushiri stopped FakePastorsMustFall organisers from using his name and images during today's march.

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What Gaddafi money? Family cries foul as wife walks free. Bushiri not responsible for R5 wealth advice fee. Bushiri will share wealth advice - if you are willing to pay up to R5