Does hobby lobby prosecute shoplifters

While we all hope it will never happen in our stores, the statistics say it probably will. No solid "profile" exists as men and women, old and young; all colors, creeds, and races commit this crime equally.

Because statistics prove shoplifting to be such a common occurrence, retailers and staff should be prepared to handle it when it happens. Take the following questions into consideration when writing your shoplifting policies and procedures :.

Consider a shoplifting policy that is fair but firm.

does hobby lobby prosecute shoplifters

If your store chooses not to prosecute shoplifters, word will get around, and your store may become a target. If shoplifters know your store takes theft seriously and is not afraid to prosecute, many thieves will avoid stealing from your business.

Store design, customer service mega piracy reddit, and technology go a long way in preventing shoplifting. If your store prosecutes for shoplifting offenses, post signs stating as much. If you see someone take an item, alert another employee so that your interaction with the individual can be monitored and witnessed, then approach the person.

Ask "Can I ring that up for you? For example, never say "I saw you steal that necklace. But, if you simply act like they put the necklace in their pocket to carry until they're finished shopping, one of two things will happen: They will either put it back or pay for it. Store design has a lot to do with shoplifting.

Women accused in Hobby Lobby shoplifting scheme

Many stores suffer loss as a result of blind spots -- areas of a store which employees are simply unable to manage or watch. Stand at your cash register and each corner of your store and survey the floor. What areas are you unable to see from each vantage point? Inventory control improvement can often be as simple as lowering shelving height to increase visibility across the store. In-store cameras will help deter the casual shoplifter, but not the professional one.

Know your local and state shoplifting laws. If you have questions about them, contact your local police station or prosecutor -- either should be willing and able to help. Laws vary by location, but most places require that one person must see the shoplifter take the item, conceal it and exit the store without paying for the merchandise, all while never taking their eyes off the shoplifter.

Only then can the store employee who witnessed the theft apprehend the shoplifter, without force. It is possible that a misunderstanding has taken place and the person is not a shoplifter, so following through observation all the way to the end is of central importance.

When approaching a suspicious persontry to remain calm and professional. Addressing the suspect in a polite, discreet yet firm and professional manner will help you and your store avoid a slander, false arrest, or discrimination lawsuit. Retail Small Business Loss Prevention.I don't even know why I did this. It felt like an out of body experience to me the entire time.

I feel guilty and scared. No one questioned or stopped me for anything. Can they still get me from the cameras? I feel stupid, ashamed, and embarrassed from what I have done. I will never do something like this ever again.

My stomach feels like it is boiling from guilt and I haven't slept in days. I am never going back to hobby lobby. I am above 18 by the way. I also purchased something there that was a couple bucks using my debit card too unfortunately :'. No, they will not track you down. They don't know who you are and are not going to invest in hiring someone to track you down What some stores will do, like Dillards, is watch you shoplift many times until it amounts to a felony, then they will stop you.

Walmart does the "watch and wait" with their employees. They watch them steal and build a case until they can persue a severe theft charge like a class A or a felony. They have to stop you on your way out, right when you get outside the doors.

If you were still inside when you were stopped you could just say "Oh I couldn't carry everything I put it in my pockets and forgot about it" or something else. A lot of stores will not press charges if the value is less than 20 dollars.

They may stop you and make you sign a document banning you from the store, but there will be no criminal charges. What may also happen, is if they know you took things but cant press charges because they didn't catch you in the act right then, and then you went into the store again, they may call the police just to issue a trespassA place to ask simple legal questions.

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i just got arrested for shoplifting from hobby lobby. the total amount was $12.25. i am 18.?

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Contact the subreddit moderators with questions, comments or concerns. Missouri I messed up and was wondering if Hobby Lobby will prosecute me?

Okay stupid me decided to shoplift from hobby lobby. I am 20 years old and I messed up bad. I know I looked suspicious. I know I did. I'm not making excuses right now but I was not feeling or looking well and wanted the charms. Plus I was in the store for about an hour and a half just browsing also. And I kept going back to the aisle where I shoplifted because I wanted some inspiration for jewelry making.

God I am so stupid. But I was myself and I talked with the cashier about how much I loved the charms and beads. I was not stopped or questioned. Everyone was nice but I am also not going to go back to that store ever.

I feel so guilty and scared. I didn't sleep at all last night. As a former store security employee, I can safely confirm that you got away with it. They would be required to stop you and contact the police at the time of the incident, and because the value of the goods are so low, it wouldn't be worth their time to pursue it at this point.

does hobby lobby prosecute shoplifters

Just make sure you never do it again because if they suspect that you are a shoplifter, they will definitely be watching you the next time you are in. I never want to do it again. I am not going back to the store again. Thank you so much for answering. I unfortunately used my debit card. I hope to christ I am not caught. I feel sick. I can't even believe I did that. I feel I learned my lesson. It sounds like you got away with it.

Its possible the cameras caught you and the store will follow you closely next time you enter, but if no one stopped you and the police weren't called I wouldn't worry about this.I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Lincoln, Ne recently and was stopped as I was leaving the store by two loss prevention people. The woman said she needed me to come back into the store with her because she believed I had some merchandise in my purse that belonged to them.

I didn't and showed the male inside my purse. She still insisted I come in the store with her so I did. Once inside, she took my purse and proceeded to search it. I had nothing belonging to them except the pens in the sack in my hand that she had just seen me purchase. After searching my purse she asked what I did with the pens I didn't pay for, and I told her I paid for the ones I picked up.

She said she saw me conceal them in my purse in the flower dept.

Merchandise shoplifter

I explained to her that I had taken my wallet out of my purse to loan the friend with me a couple dollars. She was going to be short on money for what she wanted to buy. I removed my wallet, handed her some money and put it back in my purse. She didn't believe me even though I had nothing in my purse and called the police.

The officer arrived and they went down the hall to talk and left me sitting there with someone watching me for 45 minutes. Finally the officer came back, said he was going to read me my rights and if I cooperated it would be easier. I had nothing to tell him I had done nothing wrong. He searched my purse and found a pocket knife that my son left in my car that I threw in my purse. I was arrested for shoplifting and carrying a concealed weapon and taken to jail.

I was stripped searched detained for two more hours and had to post bond. That's not half of it. I wear a wig because of a medical condition and told the officer this. He made me remove it, accused me of wearing a disguise and wouldn't let me put it back on till I cooperated with him.

After asking him several times he finally let me put it back on my head. He later made a comment about having a come to Jesus meeting and the loss prevention lady said she doubted I knew who Jesus was. Who is she to question my relationship with my God or judge me? She has another woman she calls her wife and I don't judge her.

Anyway, I plan on hiring an attorney and fighting this. Store Location: Kansas City, Missouri. Review is a subjective opinion of Dagny.The loss prevention officer says the man was just a little banged up. He wouldn't go on camera, but says he wants these guys caught.

Ashley Peters, with Oklahoma City Police, said. A loss prevention officer noticed these two men walking the store "acting suspicious and followed them. The two men were seen leaving the store, passing by registers and never paying for the items. That's when security got involved. But, out of no where, one of the suspects began attacking the loss prevention officer, striking him several times," Peters says. A report says the loss prevention officer was "struck several times in the neck and chin" and when other employees came to help, the other suspect "reached into his coat" leading others to "believe he possibly had a weapon concealed.

Peters said. Skip to content Follow the Storms Follow the Storms. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required.

Your email required. Report a typo or grammatical error required. Manhunt underway for suspect in Logan County. More News. More National. More Washington DC Bureau. More Podcasts. Tweets by kfor.I spent 16 years working in retail loss prevention and I am Wicklander-Zulawski-certified to interview dishonest retail employees.

As a former retail loss prevention professional, I am happy to help anyone I can. Below are five realities of shoplifting you may not have known about. Please keep in mind that I am not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice. I also do not answer "how to shoplift" questions. Shoplifting is a crime, costing hundreds of millions of dollars yearly.

I have no respect for shoplifters, but at the same time, who am I to judge their actions? If you've been accused of shoplifting, my first piece of advice would be for you to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Shoplifters are a necessary evil. The loss prevention industry employs hundreds of thousands of people around the world who watch and protect our merchandise and manufacture equipment designed to prevent the loss of goods sold in our stores. If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, shoplifting must be at least third or fourth on the list.

People have been stealing since time began and will continue to do so long after you and I have departed. That's right—If loss prevention sees you shoplift, they may try to get you to you dump the item instead of immediately apprehending you. There are several reasons. The item may be small or inexpensive enough to justify not spending the time necessary to recover it and process the paperwork. I would also have to pull an employee away from their job to act as a witness in the LP office.

It could take anywhere from 10—30 minutes for an adult apprehension with no police involvement. Add 30—60 minutes to that if police are called or if the shoplifter is a juvenile. The needs of the business come first in retail. Sometimes letting an item walk out the door is the best solution. I may pick up the intercom and, using my best official-sounding voice, say, "Security, to the makeup department.Fairygodboss provides free job reviews for women, by women. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

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does hobby lobby prosecute shoplifters

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Great Place to Work. Treat your customers with respect and go the extra mile for them Hobby Lobby will go the extra mile for you. I advanced quickly in the business and I Loved it. Never ending busy work. Was this review helpful? Yes 1 No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Bad Management. Management often had very different views, one manager would tell you one thing, and the other would tell you to do something completely different. This often put me in a tough spot as I did not know who's instructions to follow, which caused me trouble sometimes.

They also play a lot of favorites, so if you aren't liked as much as someone else.