Fanatic boards 2019

Five boards. One epic weekend of board testing. Here are the free-wave models that rose to the top. Saturday offered 5.

Sunday he used a 4. Both days were easterly winds — second tier sailing here in the Columbia River Gorge as east winds flow in the same direction as the river's current.

In this dynamic, the Gorge's iconic swells shrink dramatically. Planing and upwind sailing performance take priority, as neither are aided by an opposing river current. In other words, real-world conditions, ideal for gathering test results that should hold true far beyond the Gorge. Housekeeping: The JP Freestyle Wave 86 tested and pictured below is a model, though only its graphics change in The Naish Starship 80 is a prototype.

Its tail design and graphics change for Length: cm Width: 59 cm Volume: 86 L. What I Liked: It made me hustle for the foot straps right off the dock. I made every maneuver I tried. My test session ended with me scratching my head. Matched against multi-fin rivals, this JP makes an exceptionally strong case for tried-and-true single fin shapes.

It out planed the fleet, ripped upwind, devoured lulls and was one of the easiest to dial in. Not bad for the least expensive board in this mix and cue kicker competitively lightweight too. Its single fin design creates a rare marriage of lightweight and less costly, thanks to just one fin box read: not three in the tail. The latter was helped by its full wood construction, which dampened chop admirably. Its single fin setup offers less grip underfoot than multi fin rivals, limiting high wind sail range.

Call What I Liked: Effortless riding, upwind prowess, and insane glide. A jibe with shoddy footwork — I planed right through.

A monstrous approaching lull — no loss of speed.Composite Collection:. For the purists out there, we have the Sky Surf.

2019 Fanatic SUP Boards

A dedicated surf foil board designed to put a completely fresh perspective on surfing - it catches waves in even the smallest of conditions. The Stubby Foil Edition is renowned for its new-school radical wave performance, combined with an incredible ease of use - designed to provide SUP, foiling and windsurfing options within the same board.

To complete the perfect foil board, you need the perfect foil, and thankfully our Aero Surf Foil takes care of this. Durable, stable and great value for money, it's everything you need for easy lift-off! The ProWave is the most radical board in our line-up. Adaptable and potent, this board is first choice for solid conditions and for riders seeking the ultimate surf experience.

With a wider more compact outline, the AllWave is the smooth operator of the group. Fluid, stable, flowing and confidence inspiring, this board shines in all conditions from small white water to clean overhead walls. For the more creative, the Stubby line takes a completely modern concept and mixes it with traditional qualities to produce an absolute quiver killer of a board.

Designed to get loose and stay deep in the pocket with heaps of control, flow and a snappy, slashy style. If you're into classic longboard surfing then hang your feet on a Stylemaster! Designed for flow and style, this board paddles easily and glides insanely, whilst the wide nose provides plenty of scope for hanging toes and getting creative on the wave! From beginner to expert and from flat water to surf, the Fly is our ultimate all-rounder designed to do it all.

Available in multiple sizes and constructions, the Fly is lightweight and durable and combines effortless glide and easy wave catching. New for the Fly Eco Edition is an environmentally friendly version of the regular Fly.

Drawing on our Ocean Minded spirit, the new Fly Eco is not only soft on the environment, but also absolutely stunning to look at! The Diamond ladies board completes the range as a ladies specific version, enhanced with a beautiful design. Get set for your next expedition with our Ray and Diamond Touring range!

Designed to deliver maximum glide with minimal effort these boards allow you to explore further, covering greater distances with safety and ease. To match you with the perfect board, the Ray is offered in two sizes and in two construction options. The Diamond Touring is a smaller female specific version of the Ray. Light, controllable, efficient and eye-catching.

For ultimate pace and flatwater competitions the Strike sits at the top of the podium.

fanatic boards 2019

Blending speed and stability in a way that defies convention, the Strike is the fastest, most efficient board you can put your feet on! The Blitz is a new addition to the range designed for all-round race performance and to blitz away the competition!

An uncomplicated shape with a simple outcome; race wins in all conditions. The Falcon is our predator for downwind races. Completely redesigned for with a radical and uncompromising shape. Nothing surfs quicker and in more control than the new Falcon! Inflatable Collection:. Taking the fun on your travels has never been so easy!

The Stubby Air is inspired by our most versatile, surf style Waveboard!The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10'8 when inflated measures. Offering the very best advice and products means very little unless we can actually deliver for our customers.

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fanatic boards 2019

Rated 5 Stars On Feefo. Fanatic 10ft8 Fly Air Premium - Item in Stock Item out of Stock Dispatched within 24 hours. Want it by Friday 17th April? Add To Compare. Ask A Question. Price Match. Product Details Reviews.

The 10'8 Fly Air Premium also comes with a windsurfing mounting, making this so much more than just a stand up paddleboard. The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10'8 is a great allround shape for a heavier paddler, looking for slightly more volume and stability. The fantastic versatility of the Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10'8 allows paddlers to perform great in flat-water cruising with it's bigger volume equating in more much glide, comparing to the smaller 10'4 iSUP from Fanatic.

Simultaneously, the Fly Air Premium 10'8 works extremely well in small surf, with the board still having a relatively low volume meaning there is more maneuverability to ride the waves. The US Fin Box that is used on the board brings options to the paddler, being able to change the fin shape depending on the situation; something that sets the Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10'8 apart from other brands' allround iSUP range.

By utilising a second PVC layer, that is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material ensures each Fanatic Premium Air inflatable SUP is exceptionally durable and will last for years to come.

Key to the performance of an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is the stiffness of the rails, and once again Fanatic ensure their rail technology leaves nothing to chance, as they fit an additional third layer of coloured rail bands to round off the high quality finish which incorporate the deck printed graphics.

Showing our 1 review for Fanatic 10ft8 Fly Air Premium - Write a review Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 1 rating. September 16, happy customer. Contact us with any questions you have about this product. Compare 1.After more than 10 years of constant development of our Wave line, we have decided to let the highly tuned shapes run for 2 seasons, so the 69, 75 and 81 are the exact same shapes as the models The new falcon speed is mainly developed by Peter de Wit who does windsurf at the same spots as I do, and I bet his ideas will be a guaranty for a true gps-speedboard.

There will be 2 sizes 45 and The Quad is the most radical Waveboard within the Fanatic range. The Falcon is the weapon of choice for all-round SUP racing. From flat water to extreme open ocean conditions, the Falcon will get you there first. The goal of our international Design and Catch barely breaking swell or fly over slower sections with power and speed — the S1 outperforms the conditions Switching effortlessly between a Freeride Windsurfer and a Foil board, it offers everything you need to just have The general concept behind the Gecko is wider, thinner and with less volume.

These attributes offer a great deal of balance and stability for easy gybing, as well as a fun responsive feeling beneath The Grip is our new all-in-one wave weapon. Set your Grip and rip! PWA Wave His speed, power, and style is built into the foundations of this board making it a premium product with limitless The Strike is a zero compromise flatwater racing hull. Short in length, the Stubby has a less curved rail line for maximum hold on the wave and through the turns.

The super wide nose gives extra stability and easy wave catching, allowing you to ride with Catch waves not worth paddling for and ride them until your legs let you down.

Fanatic Jag 2019

The Aero Surf Foil will widen your surfing horizon! Foil designer Ken Winner and his team kicked the surf foil Featuring the same great performance and effortless glide, the Diamond Bamboo Touring Designed to get you foiling in the lightest of breezes and with the highest levels of performance!

Reaching those tight upwind angles with easy handling and full control, there's no This could become your new most used Inspired by our Falcon Slalom development, our three speed shapes are At 20cm thick and wide in width it can hold more than l of volume. Created to act as the stable base for Easy to carry, strong, stiff and durable, our neatly packed Fly Airs inflate into four finely tuned shapes for flat Created with Sketch.

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If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. More Info. Save Preferences. Rated 5 Stars On Feefo. Fanatic SUP Boards. Refine Selection. Fanatic 10ft4 Fly Air Premium - Buy View Add to wishlist Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist.

Interest Free Credit. Fanatic Fly Air Pocket Edition 10 ft 4 ins- Fanatic 10ft 4 Fly Air Pure - Fanatic 10ft 4 Fly Air Premium - Fanatic 10ft8 Fly Air Premium - Fanatic 10ft 4 Diamond Air - Fanatic 8ft 6ins Stubby Air - Fanatic AllWave 9ft4ins - Fanatic Stylemaster Bamboo Edition 10ft6ins x 31ins - Fanatic 12ft6 Ray Air - Fanatic Diamond Bamboo Edition 10ft6ins - Fanatic Diamond Touring Bamboo Edition 11ft6ins - Fanatic Stylemaster Bamboo Edition 10ft0ins x 30ins - Fanatic Ray Pure Light 12ft6ins - Fanatic Fly Air 10ft8 - Fanatic 10ft 8 Fly Air Pure - Fanatic 12ft 6 x 32ins Ray Air Pure - Fanatic Bamboo Edition 9ft6ins - Fanatic Stylemaster Bamboo Edition 9ft0ins x 29ins - Fanatic 9ft 8 Fly Air Pure - Fanatic 9ft 8 Fly Air Premium - Not the Prowave no, the Stubby 8'3 was like a stiff tray though.

Couple of local lads to me like allwaves, but they all look bulky to me. Select to expand quote Foam said. Any reliable info out there The comment below yours sounds like a comment that would come from a Sunova rider. Not released yet. I tried it a few weeks ago.

Maybe call your dealer for the details but we can't put it on the www yet. Boards are starting to get released in stores now new shape from last year's model and change in length for the larger boards Pics from ocean addicts. Select to expand quote colas said. Pros know that a glossy finish is slower Select to expand quote jdm said. Mmm, how do the all waves look? Do you have them yet?

In most stores now. Some of the dimensions: 7'6" x Anyone rode the 8'9" ? Recently got the 8'8" and love it. At 91 kg and fairly unfit I find my sessions are a little shorter compared to riding my 8 8 speeed and my legs work a fair bit more Abit more volume in this years model l v's l and wider Select to expand quote Fepsi said. Yes, the is considerably more stable. Here you go. Airton surfs exactly how I feel on a wave. Only thing is I'm just holding on for dear life with my toes can't wait to try the new model!

Select to expand quote BrisKites said. Fepsi said. Just lost a bit of float, any comparison to starboard pro 8,3 starboard pro Vs prowave 8,5. Are they still a pvc wrap or more like a custom layup glass job.The rocker is designed for speed. The longer outline gives the DaBomb a balanced feel and allows you to easily get out through whitewater. We took a traditional, longer outline and a forgiving, early-planing rocker and added select modern features, like a cutoff tail for easier jibing.

The shorter the board, the faster it spins. Fabien cut the nose and tail off the Twister, and Anthony was able to pull radical tricks in the testing. We wanted to make a faster Rocket, so we made it shorter, wider, thinner.

Fanatic Boards

The end result is a marriage of freeride and speed: fast in the straights, soft to ride and easy to jibe. The Rocket offers the easy freedom of windsurfing. The Rocket works with any kind of sail, from a no-cam wave sail to full-cam freeride. Easy to use, and accessibly priced, the Bullitt is the perfect board for new windsurfers or as a family board that the kids can learn on and mum and dad can use as well.

The Manta is a no-compromise racing board built for our team of pro riders to beat their competitors.

fanatic boards 2019

Also the very talented wave and freestyle […]. Congratulations on winning the […]. JH: Wow, congratulations Thomas.

2019 High Wind Board Test

He came to […]. Over the past week our slalom team was racing during the first PWA slalom event of this year in Marignane, France. Easy-to-use classic freeride board The Rocket offers the easy freedom of windsurfing.

Flying performance. Flying sensation. Recent Posts. TT: with only 3 to 4 PWA wave events per year, winning one of […]. Follow Us.