Fretboard replacement cost

Dogwood Guitars is a full-service setup and repair shop. We are equipped to handle all of your acoustic and electric guitar adjustment and repair needs. The prices listed below are labor estimates and do not include parts such as new strings, bone blanks, fret wire, etc. I give free no-obligation evaluations of any guitar so that kaise pata kare ki ladki like karta hai can make an informed decision about your instrument and its care.

Guitars are like cars; they need some routine maintenance to perform at their best. Labor Estimates for Setup and Repair Work, current for parts not included. Free Evaluation……. Frets, neck, action, bridge and bridge plate, truss rod, tuners, and internal bracing are some of the things that are assessed.

This service is provided as a courtesy to my customers and there is no obligation or pressure to buy anything. Most guitars will benefit from an annual setup, and instruments that are kept in less than ideal climate conditions or that are on the road a lot may need two per year. Setups may include truss rod lubrication and adjustment, saddle lowering to adjust action, nut slot adjustments, cleaning of grimy frets and fretboard, lubricating and tightening of tuners, and checking electronics and batteries.

Price is based on what your guitar needs. The price range is for labor and does not include parts costs such as strings and bone nut and saddle blanks. NOTE: On some guitars, fret work may be needed in order to reduce or eliminate buzzing.

Fret work is not included in a setup; see prices for fret work below. Acoustic Guitar Setup …………………………………. New Bone Nut, 6 string………………………………. New Bone Saddle, vintage style……………………. Bridge Re-glue, basic…………. Re-glue Loose Brace…………… Setting up electric guitars and bass guitars can include truss rod lubrication and adjustment, bridge height and radius adjustment, setting intonation, checking tuners for tightness, and adjusting the nut slots for correct action at the first fret.Skip to main content Guitar Fretboard Replacement.

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Product is good with a little fine work to make it very good.

fretboard replacement cost

Well worthwhile for an inexpensive, but pretty good project. Fretboard is level and truss rod worked both ways. Frets needed a little finishing if you care about that stuff. Customer service is excellent in this exchange. Got two because the first one had a shipping or something scratch on the headstock.

Would have been good to go otherwise. The replacement came even quicker than the first. The neck and fingerboard are finish sanded and provided with a thin, clear, matte urethane finish. The frets are pressed in tight and the fret ends are beveled. The frets will require minor leveling and the fret ends will require finish dressing. The thin matte finish is perfect. The headstock is large enough that I will be able to reshape it for a 4x2 or 3x3 tuning machine configuration. I have made several purchases from Kmise and have been pleased with the quality of their merchandise.

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. This is a very nice fretboard; unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very accurate the closer you get to the sound hole. Maybe my uke is just a cheap one. The finish is a nice clear vintage Received my order today. I've got to say, it is a beautiful neck. The finish is a nice clear vintage yellowed maple. My only criticism would have to be the 10mm tuner holes seem to be slightly undersized.

Not a big deal as I can run a drill bit through them to open them up a hair. The neck has a slight back bow I can't wait to start my custom build! The level is small which complements the fret guru I bought.

Has 4 sides with pre installed abrasive. The fret guards are ok too. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Much better than I anticipated. Feels very solid and seems to work well so far. My 5 year old can hold it somewhat steady he is taller than average and he will be able to play it for many years to come before needing to upgrade. The amp is pretty basic, paper style speaker, sounds ok if tuned correctly at least the best you can with this little thing haha.

Pretty impressed for the price and even better the extras that come with it.Strange Guitarworks. National Resonator neck reset.

fretboard replacement cost

Say hello to Scott! May 15 It also played horribly out of tune, because the fret slots were all in the wrong place! All these problems pointed to one solution: remove and replace the fingerboard.

First, I needed to take the neck off. The glue was so weak that not only did it come loose almost instantly, I decided just to go ahead and yank the entire fretboard off right then and there.

I was going to take the neck off first, but hey — might as well make hay while the sun shines. Since the dovetail had HUGE gaps in it, it was pretty easy to get some steam in there to melt the glue and pull the neck off.

This was to be the last easy part of this job…. I cleaned up the glue residue on the neck to prep it for a new fretboard. Next was the fun part: making the fretboard. Before I had removed the old fretboard, I had measured it to determine that it was exactly a mm I started the new fretboard with a fresh rosewood blank, and set it up in my miter box with a scale template.

I had originally bought the miter box for some of the microtonal mods I do to my own instruments, so this was my first time to use it as it was actually intended! The template locks to a pin inside the miter box, so it makes making perfectly placed, perfectly square, perfectly parallel fret slots bone simple.

Pretty neat. Now that the board was slotted, I had to cut it to fit the taper of the neck. Once I was happy with my measurements and had marked it out, I carefully cut it down on the bandsaw.

I purposely made oversized it by just a smidge, so I could shape it flush by hand. It would be a shame to have spent all that time making sure that the fret slots were parallel just to install the fretboard on the neck all wonky, so I measured out the center line on the neck and drilled two holes in the center, right under the 1st and 11th fret slots. I did the same on the fretboard, and then pinned the board in place. Now it was ready to be glued up.Rattling strings in any guitar can be a sign of worn frets.

How can you tell whether your guitar has worn frets, and how much would it cost to get it fixed? The frets are the raised metal wires on the neck of the guitar. As the guitar is played, the strings are pushed against the frets, which naturally wear over time.

The wear shows as dents or flattened frets, which can lead to string buzzing, problems with intonation and playability, especially when string bending. Fret wear is a normal part of the life of a guitar, but some guitars will suffer more from wear than others: those regularly played with a capo, fitted with steel strings, or just subjected to heavy string pressure when played. The process of replacing them is called a refret — though it can involve a considerable number of time-consuming steps to complete the job.

The symptoms described above can arise for a number of reasons, and the fault may not lie with the frets. Minor fretwear can often be corrected with a fret dress or even replacing a small number of frets.

What is the cost of refretting a guitar?

So how much does it cost to refret a guitar? Well this actually depends on a number of factors. The fretwire itself is not expensive, but it can be a very time consuming job, especially when dealing with fragile vintage instruments. Working on maple fingerboards cost more than rosewood; set necks more than removeable necks; bound necks more than unbound. Steel frets are very hard wearing, but are considerably more expensive to fit.

fretboard replacement cost

But it does reflect the amount of work involved. Obviously, student guitars can be very inexpensive; on some occasions buying a whole new neck is cheaper than actually paying for the refretting work.

Can I refret my guitar myself? Maybe… if you are a bit handy. You will need some tools, and it would certainly be a good idea to practise on a junk guitar first. Unless you plan to refret further guitars it may not be economical to do this though. What is the cost of refinishing a guitar. I have a Gibson EST that has the first 7 frets worn badly. Any idea what it might cost to replace those frets and dress the rest of the and set up the guitar.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. What are frets? What is a refret? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.How much will it cost to fix my guitar?

Here's the lowdown. Check out the price list then describe your repair for us and we'll get you a live estimate. NEW: Now you can upload photos with your repair estimate request! If you have a picture of your guitar's condition, upload it to our estimator platform and we'll be able to get you an even more accurate repair estimate.

You can even snap a picture from your phone from here. Give it a try. Finish repairs are the hardest to price. All prices are subject to change. Each touch up must be evaluated by a tech at the Production Shop. Please allow weeks minimum for all finish repairs and minimum days for refinishes. Repair Estimates. The Price List How much will it cost to fix my guitar? Get an Estimate. Describe Your Repair. Set-ups and Fret Levels.

Our Full Set-up includes full diagnostics and inspection of the entire instrument, full inspection of all electronics, personalized recommendations for upgrades and improvements, full redress and polish of frets with 7 courses of fine sandpapers and micromesh with a complete high gloss buff on our arbor buffer, cleaning and oiling of fret board, tightening hardware, replacing any needed small parts or screws, restring, adjusting and polishing nut slots, lubricating truss rod nut if neededfull truss rod adjustment, balancing tremolo or setting tailpiece, adjusting saddle height, setting intonation using even temperament methods, checking electronics, adjusting pick ups, detail polish and cleaning.

Fret levels include measuring and precision leveling of frets, recrowning with 4 courses of diamond files and redressing to a high polish. Remove old strings, clean fretboard and polish tops of frets, oil fretboard, tighten loose tuners and hardware, oil fretboard, stretch strings, tune to pitch, full truss rod adjustment, adjust any equipped tremolo or tailpiece and polish guitar. Cost of strings is not included. Included with set-up.

Includes Full Touch up of maple board.Guitars, Gear, Tone! Fretboard replacement cost? Anyone ever had a fretboard replaced? I have a guitar with a cracked Ebony board, neck cannot be replaced so a new fretboard is the only option.

Any idea how much this would cost? Re: Fretboard replacement cost? Complete with fret job and everything? Or just for the board replacement?

Guitar Fretboard Replacement

How bad is it cracked and where is it cracked? I've repaired an ebony board before on a neck thru guitar. Alot cheaper and easier to repair than replace unless it is totally trashed. Any skilled luthier should be able to repair it.

fretboard replacement cost

It's got hairline cracks pretty much up th entire neck. I was thinking about having it replaced witha Maple board to avoid cracking in the future. I have no expierience with Maple, but I don't think it cracks like Ebony. The guitar is not replaceable so I'd do it for dollars. Some good advice here. I just realized I have like 3 neck thrus with ebony. I should really put more thought in to humidity control. I'm just glad I don't live in the desert.

Thanks guys, I may try to repair myself but I'm going to get an estimate on replacement since it's already on it's way to the shop. I think I'm going to inquire about having a Pao Ferro board instead of maple, done with Ebony looks beautiful but to tempramental for me. Having to keep something like an electric guitar in humidity controled enviroment seems ridiculous.

Here's the recipe for repairing ebony cracks: Find the thinnest cyanoarcylate glue you can find. Hobby stores that sell radio airplanes and such have the stuff. The dispenser is usually a very thin pipette. Anyway if you squirt a little at one end of the crack it will wick its way all the way through the crack by capillary action.

It's cool to watch.I generally use heat when removing frets.

Luthier Services & Labor Estimates for 2020

It's a good way to determine if glue was used during installation and facilitates easier removal. In order to apply the heat only the to frets crown I use a wide tipped soldering iron.

I like to file a small notch in the tip so it can seat on the crown without sliding around. In order to pull frets out cleanly, I use a small pair of end nippers that I have filed to flatten the head which rest against the fingerboard. Instead of pulling frets out, I am "pinching" the out. The thin blades of the end nippers slide beneath the crown of the fret and gently wedge them upward as I walk the nippers from one end of the fret to the other, never lifting the pliers but using the wedge effect.

Older, brittle boards require patient care as the tang of the frets tends to pull small chips free as the fret is lifted from the slot.

Part 1 Replacing a broken truss rod

When you've re-fretted as many 80 year old fingerboards as I have, it isn't a question as to whether they will chip, it's how badly. Removing the frets correctly means less repair is necessary after removal. Heat can damage and destroy celluloid binding and inlays. It is critical that the irons tip touch nothing but the fret crown.

Some of you have witnessed less than professional fret jobs that left the fingerboard littered with chips. While chip out can not always be avoided it can and should be repaired. Amongst my favorite techniques is using some sawdust sanded from the fingerboard mixed with Duco cement. Fills are then block leveled and further fingerboard prepping can begin. With the frets out and the neck adjusted flat it can now be checked for trueness and planed if necessary.

To properly plane a neck straight I feel the best sanders to use are close or equal to the length of the fingerboard. Longer planes and sanding blocks cover a greater surface area and make equal removal of material far easier. A radius gauge is an easy way to measure the fingerboard's radius and choose the correct caul for sanding.

After planeing, if necessary, I switch to lighter grit sandpaper and a sanding caul that is radiused to match the intended fingerboard radius. When working on a newer instrument I may use the air hose to blow the sanding dust from the slots. On delicate vintage boards air pressure is enough to blow chips out of the board and is best avoided.