List of best supercorp fanfic

I applaud you if your story can make me laugh out loud at 2 in the morning. I decided to dedicate my top ten list to my favorite fanfic writer, SilentRain I completely fell in love with all of these stories and you will too. The Universe Says So. Kara is equally shocked when she learns who her alluring new teacher is. Alex is happy when Maggie is the new girl, until she sees her kissing another girl. Maggie is confused when she learns certain facts.

Burning Passion. Summary: Kara finds herself drawn to Miss Luthor, even when she learns about the alien detection device she made. Lena notices Kara easily, but wants to be mindful of her position as a professor.

Alex is annoyed when she learns Maggie will be sharing a room with her. Maggie digs how feisty Alex can be and it scares her to be falling for Alex, who is waiting for her soulmate. Brighter Than The Sun. Alex is happy to meet her soulmate, but issues occur and Maggie is keeping a secret. Summary: Nearly six years ago, Kara and Lena broke up and went their own way. When Kara goes on a vacation with her sister, she runs into her ex, who has two daughters.

Lena is shook to see Kara again in person after all those years. Crimson and Bare as I Stand. Summary: Maggie is a cop who hunts vampires. Kara and Lena run into her in the forest. Falling for Maggie was not what Alex expected to happen.

Runaway Girl. Summary: Lena is curious about a new project her mother has been gushing about without sharing specific details. Wanting to find out more, she sneaks into the restricted area to see what the fuss is about. Spilled Drinks and Invitations. I will always be amazed with all of your work.

You truly do have a talent for words. You have inspired me, given me hope, and I can only imagine how many other people feel the same way about your stories. You have given a voice to our beloved characters and ships.Nia has a vision that had her and the superfriends worried, this sparks a reveal setting the vision in motion, Brainy enlists the help of Cisco to get hold of Sara Lance and the team on the waverider to help with the situation. Nia is chosen to guide due to her powers and Sara removed Lena from the time line to give her the wake up call she needs to find her way back to Kara and the superfriends with a new perspective.

I was hoping to get this finished before the th, it is the alternate version of my Its a wonderful life fic. Hoever I havent made as much progress as I wanted, I have two chapters ready and will be working over the weekend, if i manage to focus i may still get it out but if not, it will be finished nect week.

Nia's head snapped up as she gasped taking in a large gulp of oxygen to snuff out the scream that had been forming within her throat. She looked around and realised that she had fallen asleep at game night, that the vision she had was clearly sparked by the people in the room, it was a warning to the group sat in front of her.

She took a few breaths to steady herself, wide eyed and sweating as she scanned the room to make sure they were all there. Brainy was still a little awkward around her and she saw his worried expression clearly torn between rushing to her side to comfort her as a boyfriend and mentoring her, to see what the threat is and help her work on the images.

As much as what she had seen made no sense, it wasn't metaphors and fragments, it was very clear it was so clear, yet it confused her more than any previous dream. On the love seat was Alex and Sam, cuddled up together if they noticed that she had fallen asleep they were too engrossed in themselves to be concerned.

Although if what she saw was true Alex needed to worry and so did Sam. Kara and Lena were in the kitchen, Kara cuddled behind Lena as she was opening a bottle of wine and kissing her neck, Nia would have thought that Kara was not paying attention if she hadn't caught the sideways glance. They all really needed to come clean with Lena soon, after all she was dating Kara, and that had to be tricky only knowing half the story.

J'onn and Ruby were playing a game at the table smiling and joking it looked like no one was planning on challenging her right now about her dream and that suited her fine. How could she explain to her friends that she had just witnessed the Death of Lena Luthor, and what was more Kara stood and let it happen, she was right there and just watched as Lena was killed.

Looking back to her friends she couldn't imagine anything that could cause that level of love to be wiped out. Even if Lena was hurt about finding out that Kara was supergirl, Kara would never abandon her. If Kara had flared she would have called for help she wouldn't just let Lena die, she would have at least gone to her, even as a human she would have thrown herself into the path of the bullet, tackled Lena out of the way, done something.

The vision was clear as day, there were two thugs with guns and Lena was just standing there taunting them, telling her that they may as well just get it over with. Kara was just standing there, tears running down her face watching as the gun fired and Lena hit the floor. She didn't even take her to the hospital just waited until her last breath and then went to her and held her crying, the scream that came out of Kara's mouth, the blood curdling sound of a soul torn apart, a heart shattering into infinite pieces and hope lost had been the sound that woke her from the dream scape.

list of best supercorp fanfic

Nia was shaking and looking at the table in front of her taking her beer and having a long draw. Her brows furrowed and her face pale she sat and stared. No longer contributing to any of the conversation games, or even catching others' eyes.

Her ashen forlonging look was too much for Brainy who finally fought his logical conclusion that Nia no longer wanted him to comfort her as they had broken up, moved over to the couch and placed his arm around her shoulder.

Nia looked up at the touch and smiled Brainy was always so sweet, if he could have just been this, not gone over the top be so stifling they would have been perfect together they would have been still together, the comfort now was nice and she needed it but she didn't want to give him hope, they were just getting to a good place again, and she wanted to keep him as a friend.

She nodded and stood to leave Kara's apartment saying her goodbyes as she made her way to the door. Brainy had ushered her out of the loft and down to the elevator heading out of the building and down the street they had made it to the Alley way and as they slipped off the main street to the side street Kara sped into view.

Supercorp Fanfic Recomendations! 27/09

Kara had noticed the moment that Nia fell asleep and had been keeping a casual eye on her as she was in her dream escape.Supercorp Fanfic. Anonymous asked: Completed fic recs? Lena leaves and they meet up again, this time as Supergirl and Lena Luthor. In the middle of the light purple flowers is a small card, thank you written in elegant script over the surface. When Lillian Luthor is unleashed back on the world, suspicions fly and actions taken that could change everything. And yet, here she is, dragged by the arms through cold, silent corridors, surrounded by a dozen guards in their polished armor.

She is bound, bruised and dirty, escorted to be judged for crimes her brother committed. Lena chuckles derisively. Or, Kara and Lena get parent-trapped into a relationship by a goofy little alien.

Naturally, this means they should become friends with benefits. About Lena. It comes in snippets, and flashes, and visions and then it slams into her all at once, so fast she can barely breathe through the palpitations in her chest.

Then it lingers. Or, Lena Luthor almost gets killed, again, and winds up in witness protection for the first time. See inside for smut, feelings, rogue DEO agents, feelings, explosions, angst, and more feelings!

So when her boss finally starts crushing on newbie reporter and loyal beam of sunshine Kara Danvers, Jess rejoices. But there are vultures hovering, unworthy boys and a pesky caped wonder and Jess will damned before she lets them ruin things. Maybe those things include, well, housing forms, which as it turns out are super important to submit on time if she wants to not be homeless in her sophomore year of college.

Dec 17, Because fanfic means the magic never ends. Description: Presented as the contents of an old shoebox under Remus Lupin's bed, The Shoebox Project tells the story of Marauders-era Hogwarts through letters, photographs, and diary entries.

Read it. Author Summary: "She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time. Author Summary: "Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

It's a story about the trio and Ginny and their lives after Hogwarts. It's my headcanon for how the series actually ends. And bonus, it's about pages long! Author Summary: "What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War.

Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea. Submitted by haleymdavis and others. Completed: No, it's ongoing.

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Butwords is enough to keep you going for now, right? Author Summary: "Given an opportunity to change his family's destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them? Enter Castiel Novak, the new rich guy who just doesn't care.

Well, maybe he does, but people don't need to know that. Do they? Author Summary: "Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto.Giant - coeurastronaute. Not Afraid to Fall - prettyaveragewhiteshark. Swipe Right for a Super - eluigih. Hey, Are You Lena Luthor? Transcendent Interactions. Im a slut for bed sharing tropes and this is so CUTE like lenas all freaking out because she keeps waking up cuddling kara and alex is oblivious to everything and its just soooo good.

So, This Happened? Drunk kara leaves drunk alex for a more suitable cuddle buddy aka lena lesbian luthor and lena sleeps in a supergirl t shirt bc of course. And lena is so loved and its so cute like honestly and obviously they fall in love bc duh. Focus on Something You Love, and Breathe. Lex is a little shit as always and wants to kill lena bc he thinks shes in love with supergirl which she is so kara says she can stay with her and obviously the angst is juicy and ruined my life.

College theatre au but like literally one of the best college aus ive ever read!!!! Lenas just a big lesbian and karas confused and they bang secretly and its glorious. Break My Fall. Kara dates monel but kisses lena as supergirl and its angsty and smutty and all round a good fucking time. Lena needs a husband and Clark Danvers is positively charming and also actually disguised as a man, I mean.

list of best supercorp fanfic

In My Veins. This is absolutely amazing and so captivating and I was honestly on edge the whole time kudos to the author!!!!! We Need a New Song. Oh my good golly gosh this fic ruined my life. Ballet au that has barely any ballet and an abundance of GAY and I had to take a moment after reading this to collect myself tbh.

The Laws of Fate. My Sun. Mercy on Me. Be your own Hero. My personal Santa in heels. Soulmate AU where everyone can have a device installed to tell them the time until they meet their soulmate, kara and lena love each other but kara cant have a timer installed obvs kryptonian skin and its so cute and soft and angsty. The Fatal Flaw. Super cool and different fic and keen to see more chapters from this!! Stay the night. Pls update I love this so much. All the little lies.

Kara comes to earth and falls in love with lena but she has to go back to krypton and breaks lenas heart in the process, but she comes back and its only been like 7 months but its been like 3 years for lena!!! The Wrong Superhero. Lena gets saved by batwoman and supergirl thinks she is super jealous because of superhero-related reasons but shes just in love with lena.

And they call me from beyond the stars. Wait for me to come home. Army au and there is so much angst and I love it. An Unexpected Surprise.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kara is sent to interview Lena and comes to a realization. Lena is definitely a major part of said realization.

Lena Luthor's got a game changing secret, and she's been keeping it her whole life, so far as the Luthors are concerned.

list of best supercorp fanfic

There are scenes of Lena and Alex bonding, as well as Maggie and Kara. There are some Original Female Characters who carry chapters while interacting with the main cast. Though focus never really deviates from the dynamics I mentioned above. Worried about ulterior motives, Kara's first journalism assignment brings her back to L-Corp to figure out whether Lena is in fact friend or foe When Kara admitted that she was jealous of James and Lucy They had someone to come home to, to kiss, to hold To love.

Kara's only family, blood related family, is in a coma or floating off in dark space. And seeing what Lena Luthor was going through felt like an out of body experience, as if she were just replaying her own life in just 48 hours. She's never felt more alone in her life, and it's almost mind consuming. That is until Supergirl is invited by Lena Luthor herself to dinner as a 'Thank You' for saving her life, and unknowingly saving Kara's in the process. Prompt from borgzimoff : Alex finds out Kara and Lena are dating and being the overprotective big sister she is, heads to Lena's office to have a chat with her about it.

But Lena is crying to Supergirl save Kara Danvers and bring the girl to her? Kara will tell her secret or ask an Martian help? Prompt from anonymous: Can you do a fic that kara and lena are dating but they haven't told anyone and they get caught kissing or something.

Kara is worried about Lena after the second assassination attempt so she decides to watch over the CEO all through the night outside of her penthouse. Bam Kara has two ladies fighting over her while she is just oblivious to everything. Bonus points if you can fit Alex into all of this. A surreal experience forces the two ladies to stick together while they figure out a way to break free from their predicament.

A little one shot I came up with last night Kara's apartment was targeted by Lex Luthor, Lena, saved by Supergirl, fears her girlfriend may be dead It's no secret that Kara loves Christmas.

This time, she has new friends to celebrate with. One in particular, who is very excited to show Kara what she means to her. The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind. The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Abandoned sculptures?Kara knows there is no way in hell Alex was ever going to let her live this down. Years ago Alex had claimed that she just knew Kara would meet her mate whilst in search of potstickers and as it turned out she was mostly right.

Among those who studied soulmate lore there was something that they all agreed on, one mate would always be drawn by a particular scent to their future mate. At first this had been argued against as there were some people who seemed not to be drawn toward any particular smell, those people were part of a triad. A member of a triad would only ever be drawn towards their 2 mates together, and so it was a combination of both scents in the same place, at the same time that drew them in.

There were records of two people being friends for years before their other mate suddenly appeared and biology took over. Luckily though biology seemed determined not to be a complete ass, the nature of the mates only ever exhibited itself permanently after the mates had met. As if it were the biological imperative to move the mates towards bonding.

Usually it was an alpha bonded to two omega, or an alpha, beta and omega who made up the triad, as alphas were notoriously territorial. Manage to meet both her mates simultaneously when trying to avoid an alien terrorist who was trying to burn the city's best source of potstickers around them: check.

The alien literally could not have chosen a worse place to be or a worse time to commit his crime as Kara was just landing in the alley behind the restaurant before she went in to get her favourite dinner. As soon as he begins spitting flame he finds himself knocked back and into the street as Kara moves to protect the people inside and more importantly her precious potstickers. It barely takes her ten minutes before she has thrown the alien into a DEO van and she is debriefing with Lucy when her nose fills with a smell the likes of which she has never before smelt.

Part of it is coming from Lucy, that much is clear as she and Kara both begin navigating by scent alone. They move through the assembled bystanders, the smell grows stronger, and stronger until, they are standing in front of. It soon becomes apparent to Kara just what is happening as she feels a part of herself that had slept for many years begin to awaken.

She can see the shock on Lena and Lucy's face sand before she has even realised what she is doing she has pulled both tightly to her and is flying fast for her apartment, her beloved potstickers forgotten completely. She only realised her mistake once she is inside and finds herself alone with Lucy and Lena, the smell and warmth they are giving off calling to Kara in a primal level.

She aches to fall between them To give in and allow mind body and soul to entwine themselves with her new mates.

Supercorp AU Fic Recs Part 1 – Distorted Realities: of Time Travel, Amnesia and Black Mercies

She can feel the heat beginning to hit her, she hasn't experienced one since before she left Krypton and its strength surprises her. She knows Alex will have a fit about this, let alone when Lucy remembers all the forms she will have to fill out, it was bad enough when Alex met Maggie but there was only half as many forms as awaited them and Maggie was a detective.

She pulls them over until they are on the couch, she can already feel Lucy and Lena beginning to present, but she knows if they don't talk now they may well end up doing something they regret.