Percabeth fanfiction annabeth gets sick

Hope you enjoy! It was the second Friday of two pay weeks, so Annabeth spent her day off reading and cleaning their small apartment on the seventh floor of the apartment building on 29th Street.

Waking up early, Annabeth managed to vacuum every room and dust all the furniture before 10 am. The couple took turns cleaning the apartment. The blonde woman peaked her head around the corner of the kitchen door frame. She practically saw the tension swirling around his solid shoulders. A muffled grunt came from the pillow. The breath shifting from his lungs was rigid and frustrated, and Annabeth already knew what was wrong before he even said his name.

Philip was maybe two rungs above Percy on the employment scale. Maybe being the key word. It was no longer a surprise to Annabeth to find her boyfriend frustrated and tired over the ruling of his coworker.

The soft fabric of the pillow pressed against her knuckles as she gently pushed up on his jawline.

percabeth fanfiction annabeth gets sick

His eyes were squeezed closed and the frustrated expression on his face was almost childish. It was cute to her. Annabeth sat on the comfy couch, her heels resting on the recently polished, wooden coffee table.

His hair sifted between her fingers. The tension began to leak out of his body simply by the movement of her fingers. Remember last time I showed up to bring you lunch? His sea-green eyes opened slowly and the early afternoon light flickered across his expression from the open patio glass door. Percy rolled to rest against her lap, and his face aimed towards the ceiling so his fastest xmaxx could look over her face.

When Philip tried to interrupt the pair simply saying hello, Annabeth practically ripped him a new one about manners and minding his own business. The little man turned a shade of pale and shuffled away with a half apology, avoiding Percy for a solid week after the encounter.

There he was. Kind, calm, and goofy. Not frustrated and overworked. Percy kissed her as their noses brushed against one another. Their breath mingled before he pulled back and rested his forehead against hers.

Percy nodded. He leaned against the open front door as he watched her move towards the kitchen. Annabeth returned a moment later, half a sub wrapped up and in a bag. His smile lingered across his lips the whole way back to the aquarium.

He loved coming home for lunch. I took a moment out of my life and I got the smallest pinch of motivation to do this request.


I wanted to try! Bare with me! Hello hello! Now, this is going to be a stretch. It studies both ancient myths and the ethical, political, and religious conflict of certain ancient locations all around Greece. No, I am not too proud to ask for money. I love learning and I adore Ancient Greece.Annabeth and Percy are now together, but Annabeth is troubled by memories of Luke, who she loved as a brother.

Will both Percy and Annabeth fully recover from this? I was so glad to be back at Camp Half-Blood after being in the mortal world for so long. Once I came in view of the cabins, I saw Percy waving at me front of the Poseidon Cabin, his sea-green eyes flashing and yelling "Hey Annabeth! We were just beginning to make out when Grover came over to greet us. He cried out "Oh for gods sake, find a room! This caught everyone else's attention and all the other campers began crowding around us.

Not again I thought as they came in closer and closer. Then once again, they picked up me and Percy and dumped us in the lake.

Headcanon Central — Percabeth Headcanon: Sickness

Percy used his powers to make an air bubble around us and we floated up to the surface and splashed all the others back with water. That night, everyone was solemn and quiet when Chiron came up to speak. He spoke of Luke Castellan, my "brother" before he left our side. Chiron praised him, saying that in the end he was a hero by making the decision to destroy Kronos, and in the process, killing himself.

During his speech, I began to grow depressed,even though I was angry at him for going to the Titans' side. He was one of the only people who actually cared for me before Percy came to Camp Half-Blood. Tears began to fall from my eyes and hit the table one by one. Percy also seemed to be feeling ill, since his forehead was very wrinkled. After the speech was done, Percy shook my shoulder and the next thing I knew, I had keeled over and fainted. It was great to be back at Camp, where all my favorite friends were.

Annabeth looked particularly joyous seeing me, her beautiful grey eyes widening with delight and her blonde hair flying when I called her name. We were going to share a kiss when Grover gave us away and everyone else threw us into the lake again.

Luckily we were prepared this time to get back at them. Right after that episode, we all headed to the dining area and gave our offerings to the gods. Today, Annabeth shockingly disobeyed rules and went to sit with me at the Poseidon table. During dinner, she leaned on my shoulder, dreamily looking straight into my eyes and smiling all the time.

However, Chiron daringly gave a speech of Luke, the former leader of the Hermes cabin who I thought was my friend. The speech began bring back harsh memories, like when he set the pit scorpion on me and tried to get me to join his side on the Princess Andromeda.

Suddenly, I began to have a piercing headache. Annabeth alarmingly began to cry silently. Right after Chiron stopped speaking, I shook Annabeth's shoulder to check to see if she was alright. Just then she fell over and alarmingly became limp, as if she had lost consciousness.

I cried out, "C'mon guys, get Annabeth to the Big House! My eyes fluttered open and I saw I was in a bed in the Big House. Percy was sleeping in the chair right next to my bed and was slumped over. He was deathly pale and seemed exhausted. I tried to sit up but fell over, jostling the bed frame and waking Percy.I could go on and on and do it for over half an hour, but this day, I was feeling not so good.

I hadn't gotten much sleep, I was hungry, and just plain feeling horrid. My regular armor didn't fit either, which was not a happy day to get bigger for a girl. After less than ten minutes, I was drenched with sweat and gasping for breath. After Percy knocked my knife out of my hand for the third time, I finally broke down. I left Percy with his confused and concerned look on his face and told him to continue.

He looked ready to protest, but instead continued practicing. I sat against a white pillar. Suddenly, I felt sick. Food poisoning? Whatever the reason, clutching my stomach, I doubled over and disgustingly threw up in the dirt.

I was aware of strong hands holding back my tangled blonde hair. When the wave of nausea passed, I looked back to see Chiron let go of my hair. Knowing he was the medic, and being like a second father to me, I asked him, "Chiron, what's wrong with me?! Wait, I hated blueberries. That was odd. I guessed Annabeth could tell me. Though I was nervous she wouldn't.

I went to see her. I first checked the Athena cabin. Nothing, empty except for some books and papers. I headed toward the beach, where I could think. Maybe she was there. I really didn't know. All I know was i really wanted to see her and talk to her. I had to see her sparkling gray eyes and blond hair right now. Even though i hated them had really wanted them right not. She had caught on.This is my first attempt at a fanfiction so please no flames, but constructive criticism is appreciated!

Stupid brain I thought. After laying in bed for a while, I got up despite how cold it was in my cabin and started getting ready for the day before the rest of my siblings got up. I managed to have a shower and get dressed before I started waking everybody up for the day. We finally got to the dining pavilion and were all set for breakfast.

All in all my day was turning out to be pretty normal. I woke up to a splitting headache at six-thirty, I knew immediately that I was sick and it would turn into one of 'those days'. I tried to stand up and instantly regretted it, I started feeling like my stomach was going through a blender and I got really nauseous. Surprise, surprise my stomach sent me running to the bathroom where I promptly emptied myself of last nights supper.

We made it to the pavilion just as the food was coming out, all the cabins, excluding the aphrodite cabin, was there. I had just sat down to start eating and I looked over at the Poseidon table where my boyfriend would normally sit and saw No one? I'll be right back I tell Malcolm the second in command of the Athena cabin. I quickly stand up and start a quick jog to Cabin 3.

After finally picking myself up off the bathroom floor, I barely manage to stumble back to my bed, I felt horrid. I almost wished someone was with me in the Poseidon cabin so my pain would be slightly more bearable… Well soon enough Annabeth should notice I'm missing… Right? Then after all this thinking my head started pounding again. I made it to cabin 3 with no problems, I rapped on the door really loud. No one came to open it so I let myself in. I swiftly turned to glare at Percy, but as soon as I looked at him I could see pain dulling his bright green eyes… "Hi Wisegirl", He whispered as though his throat hurt.

My glare promptly died and I went over to the edge of his bed and sat there stroking his hair, after a few minute of that I asked him the question the had been like a little worm, nagging at the back of my mind… " Oh, Percy, what's wrong? I heard someone knock at my door, 'If they really need me they know to open doors' I thought snarkily. Suddenly Annabeth burst in, I winced at the immediate sun that followed her through my door. She sat down on the edge of my bed and started stroking her hands through my sweaty hair.

Just loud enough so my head started to hurt again then my stomach started churning, and I was once again sent running to the bathroom. I was now breathing heavily and was leaning over the toilet as the initial dry heaves started. I heard soft footsteps walking slowly down the hall. Don't tease the, the si-sick boy" He said as shivers wracked his body.

What I saw when I opened the door broke my heart though, Percy's usually bright green gaze which was normally full of fun, kindness, and happiness, now dull with sadness and pain, his hair was slicked down and stuck to his forehead with sweat and he was trembling as though cold.

I went and sat down beside him, he leaned into me and I could feel heat coming off of him in waves. I pursed my lips and he whimpered,"Perce, we need to see how high of a fever you have", He shifted so I could get up. I made my way for the cupboard and found the thermometer. Annabeth stuck the thermometer in my mouth, I was too tired to complain so I ended up just waiting for the thermometer to beep. Annabeth took it from me and gasped," She stood up and hurried over to the sink, grabbed a face cloth and put it under a stream of cold water, as she did this I couldn't help but notice how her hair caught the light turning it gold, but the moment ended to fast, as soon as she put the cloth over the back of my neck I shudder at how cold it is on my feverish skin.Sick girlfriends are so not my area of expertise.

I'd much rather take on a dozen dracaena, or another hydra, or the Minotaur again. To be honest, saving Olympus might have been less stressful. But insteadof a nice, cozy bed at eight on Saturday morning, I was weaving in and out of traffic on the way to Annabeth's boarding school.

My hair was half-brushed, which I was sure she'd scold me for, and my clothes were rumpled. I would have preferred several more hours of sleep to prepare for a nice brunch, but my date also happened to be the head architect of Olympus. Being the center of godly activity and all, reconstruction couldn't simply run on a nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday work week. I was lucky to be seeing Annabeth at all this weekend, even if it meant stopping by with her early to check on the construction.

Rubbing a hand across my hair, I parked Paul's car in front of Annabeth's boarding school. The sidewalk where I'd met Annabeth before was already crowded. At a school like this, Annabeth couldn't possibly be the only super-geek.

They were all probably on the way to study sessions in the library or something. But as I shut the car door and started over, I couldn't spot her anywhere. I stood on my toes, hoping to catch a glimpse of blonde curls. No such luck. I sighed, pulling out my emergency cell. There's a lot of people here. Maybe I should go somewhere else, in case a monster catches my.

The breath flew out of me, and I staggered backwards. Instinctively, I fumbled for Riptide. My attacker, a short, sturdy girl with dark hair and skin so pale she could've been a ghost and trust me, Ive seen plenty straightened up, and held out her hand.

After a few bewildered moments, I shook it. I weighed my options. It didn't look like Annabeth was going to meet me here.I'm not going to let you go anywhere. The puppy dog eyes won't work. She squirmed and shouted to put her down, but he wouldn't listen and carried her to her cabin and set her down on her bed.

Percy pulled the covers over Annabeth and tucked her in while she stared at him with her arms crossed and a look of resentment on her face. Finally she gave in knowing that he'd never let her go. See, that's the problem with two stubborn people; neither will concede. Percy knew that it was a common cold, so nectar and ambrosia would cause her to burn. Instead he found a bottle of cherry medicine and poured two teaspoons into a measuring cup. Annabeth looked at it and finally said, "No, I can't.

I hate that stuff Percy. It's awful! It'll make you feel better. He pushed it towards her more and she turned her head looking away from the medicine.

If I don't take care of you, Athena will blast me to a million pieces, and no amount of nectar and ambrosia can heal that. Percy silently added. Annabeth probably would have smacked him, so he didn't want to risk that. Give me that. She held her nose and quickly swallowed the cherry medicine. It tasted horrible and she immediately felt like vomiting.

percabeth fanfiction annabeth gets sick

Annabeth shot him a look of annoyance. Following shortly after that glare, she said, "I'm going to throw up! Beside her bunk bed lay some pinkish brownish chunks with an orangish viscous liquid surrounding the solids.

It's a good thing she wasn't on the top bunk. As Percy was moping it up and spraying the room with a flowery scent to mast the gross smell also to prevent anyone from smelling it and then feeling the need to barf because of the smellAnnabeth leaned over her bed and said, "You know, you're not a very good nurse. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Annabeth is sick, but can Percy take care of her? Just a quick one-shot. I have to-" "No, you don't. Percy put his hand to her forehead to check her temperature.Rain, rain, and more rain.

All what Annabeth wanted was to do was reach the sea because Percy was very sad that day, so him being usual Percy, he escaped to the sea. Annabeth being herself, she decided to secretly follow him to make sure Percy is okay.

The Next Years of Our Lives 2

A dark figure became somehow visible from away, it was stupid but Annabeth got closer to the dark figure, her fingers tightening on her sword with every step, and when the dark object and Annabeth were only mere meters away she recognized that dark figure as her boyfriend, Percy. Her fingers loosened on the sword and as she ran towards Percy. Annabeth almost knocked Percy down because of her somehow sweet yet slightly aggressive hug. Where in the name of the Gods were you?

Percy was completely dry, even if there was rain, Percy could control if he wanted to get wet or not, yet on the other hand Annabeth looked like she was showering. Percy for some reason had an umbrella, he got it out and was ready to open it, but Annabeth stopped him. All the kiss was about is passion.

After the kiss, Annabeth looked at Percy and smiled. Percy merely grinned and nodded, he opened the umbrella and covered Annabeth. Previous post. Next post. Percy X Annabeth Percabeth. Annabeth gets stuck in the rain and Percy comes with an umbrella. Oh he will regret this. Thought Annabeth.

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percabeth fanfiction annabeth gets sick